Your bike. Connected.

Stay Safe & Secured.

All your rides. Recorded.

Track your Bike in Real Time.

Emergencies Auto Detection.

TRAXX. Be Safe.

TRAXX connects motorcycles to their riders, and riders to their communities to enhance safety & security. Traxx brings the power of smart sensors, tightly integrated with social aspects and combined with global connectivity to speed up recovery of rider and bike in emergency situations.

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TRAXX connects your bike to the internet and allows you to control it with your phone, record your rides & share with friends, get instant notifications on your bikes’ location, and be notified where your friends are. In case of an accident or theft, Traxx will not only notify you but automatically connect you to e-Call (Europe) or 911 (USA) and notify nearby Traxx riders of your situation. TRAXX comes with a smart device, self-mounted on any bike, per-configured to work all around the world straight out-of-the-box and an app that allows you to stay connected 24/7. Once registered you enjoy 2 years of truly free global service, which can be renew from within the app.

TRAXX device

A robust, compact, water-proof, FCC/CE certified tracking device, with GPS, GSM, internal battery and advanced sensors that help keep your bike secured. TRAXX is compatible with any motorcycle model.

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The TRAXX device comes with a global data plan, so you can use it across boarders at no extra cost. Simply mount it on your bike, and enjoy it. Please refer to installation guide in your box for simple instructions on how to connect the device to your bike.

My Bike

With a press of a button, you get instant notifications on your bike’s location, your nearby friends, your battery and engine status and the latest recorded event.

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You can setup routine checkups and get notified at specific times on extraordinary events. It also allows you to put the bike on “hi-alert mode” for example at nights, weekends, or while you travel out of the country, in which case, the device is calibrated to a highly sensitive mode to give you extra safety and notify you on every event.

My Rides

Traxx automatically record all your rides no matter if you opened the app or not, and you can share them with your friends with a one click. We store your rides on the cloud so you can access them at any time, see your route on a map, distance, top and average speed.

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Share your rides with your friends on FB. In the future we will also allow you to see riders of other riders.

Alerts & Actions

TRAXX sends real-time alerts when your bike is tilted, moved, towed or gets out of a defined geographical area (50 meters radius from your home for example). We detect if you had an accident and have not made contact, to alert your friends and other TRAXX riders in your area, to speed up your recovery.

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We will also alert you if the engine is suddenly switched on while the bike is supposed to be “sleeping”, or when someone tries to jam its signal or cuts the wires. In such case the app will prompt you to take immediate action:

  • track its location and route
  • see which of your friends are nearby
  • send real time information to other TRAXX riders, friends and the police

Global Service

TRAXX is truly global, which means you can use it anywhere around the world, cross boarders at no extra cost. There are no hidden fees and no monthly “service” fees. TRAXX is yours forever, and your data plan is active for 2 years.

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Once you register, your account will be activated for 2 years, renewable from the app using credit card or PayPal. Please refer to our updated service fees section here. You can freeze your account if your bike was sold.

If you encounter problems activating the service, please use the “service button” at the My Account page to send us real time information and we will act on it quickly.

No monthly payments. No long term commitments.
You can renew your data plan from within the app.

Pre-Order TRAXX and get 10% off the retail price. We will ship you the device by March 2018. You do NOT need to pay now, just insert your email and country of residence, and we will update you closer to the product launch date with more relevant information.

No down payments required.

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